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An interesting approach to Island Inspired Libations…

Gather some of Hawaii’s most innovative and creative cocktail minds. Utilize ingredients fresh from Maui’s local orchards, gardens and organic farms. Enjoy some of the most unique flavor combinations imaginable. Celebrate in an environment that is inviting and hospitable. Cheers to late nights and great stories.


Perfect Pour Maui Cocktail Catering

Poi Dog

Yuzu * Thai Basil * Grapefruit * Botanical Gin * Hawaiian Sea Salt * Black Pepper

-Winning recipe from the 2015 Ocean Vodka National Recipe Contest
Maui Bartending Service

Smooth Criminal

Hayden Mango * Hawaiian Chili Infused Agave * Calamansi Citrus * Reposado Tequila

Maui Bartending Service

Sandia Sour

Watermelon * Tarragon * Lime * Cachaca * Blanco Tequila * Charged Water

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Million Dollar Highway

Kula Strawberry * Meyer Lemon * Rye * Cynar * Egg White * Angostura Bitters

Maui Bartending Service

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Papaya Shrub * Candied Lime * Reposado Tequila * Cilantro Salt

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Olinda After Hours

Cranberry-Port Reduction * Rosemary * Egg White * London Dry Gin * Demi-Sec Champagne

Maui Bartending Service

Rebel Rebel

Grapefruit * Rosemary Infused Honey * Sour Mash Whiskey * Meyer Lemon * IPA

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Birds of a Feather

Pineapple * Italian Basil * Cinnamon Infused Stiggin's Fancy Rum * Ginger * Charged Water

Maui Bartending Service

No, Thank You

Young Coconut Puree * Lemongrass Sour * Mint * Virgin Island Rum * Lime Zest

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Uncle Buck

Lilikoi * Calamansi Citrus * Dominican Rum * House Ginger Beer * Mint

Good Vibes

Lemongrass * Pineapple * Meyer Lemon * Peychaud's Bitters * Botanical Gin * Aperol

Mrs. Mai Tai

Mac Nut Orgeat * Guava * Lime * Hawaiian Dark & Guyanese Rum * Curacao * Lilikoi Whip

-Trader Vic's created tiki's crowning jewel. We pay tribute. Victor Bergeron, Oakland 1944

Mr. Mai Tai

Salted Chestnut Orgeat * Bitter Cherry * Nicaraguan White & Guyanese Rum * Curacao * Calamansi * Clove Whip

Painkiller No. 808

Coconut * Lilikoi * Pineapple * Virgin Isle & Jamaican Rum * Cold Brew Maui Coffee * Nutmeg

-Every good tikitender has "the best" painkiller recipe. Here's ours. Soggy Dollar Bar, British Virgin Isles 1970

Nui Nui

Orange * Vanilla * Lime * Hawaiian & Virgin Isle Rums * Allspice * Angostura Bitters

Don the Beachcomber was pretty secretive about his recipes. Thank god Beachbum Berry deciphered this classic. Los Angeles 1937

Jet Pilot

Grapefruit * Cinnamon * Jamaican, Dominican & Overproof Rums * Falernum * Absinthe * Angostura Bitters

-Rum mixing mastery from the Luau Restaurant, Beverly Hills 1958

Heaven Is A Place

Wildflower Honey * All Spice * London Dry Gin * Curacao * Falernum * Angostura Bitters

-Fez's off to Paul McGee's latest from Lost Lake Tiki Bar Chicago 2015

Quebecois Swizzle

Yuzu * Maple Syrup * Raisin Rested Dominican Rum * Orange Peel Rested Bourbon * Pernod * Tiki Bitters

Cardinale Swizzle

Grapefruit * Tahitian Lime * Kentucky Bourbon * Maraschino * Overproof Jamaican Rum * House Orgeat

Russian Roulette

Mint & Black Pepper Reduction * Lime * Russian Vodka * Pimm's No. 1 * Homemade Ginger Beer

-The Moscow Mule was made to popularize vodka in the US. It worked. Cock 'n' Bull Bar, Los Angeles 1941

Lilikoi Ramos Fizz

Lilikoi * Orange Flower * Cream * Egg White * London Dry Gin * Vanilla Infused Cherry Herring * Charged Water

-An homage to the Ramos Gin Fizz. Imperial Cabinet Saloon, New Orleans 1888
maui bartender wedding cocktail catering

Flying First Class

Maui Lavender * Wildflower Honey * Meyer Lemon * Vodka * Botanical Gin * Crème de Violette * Sparkling Wine

-The Aviation, created by Hugo Ensslin, was one of the last Pre-Prohibition classics. Hotel Wallick, NYC 1916

The Sly Mongoose

Kula Strawberry * Citrus * Mint * English Cucumber * Curacao * Pimm's No. 1 * London Dry Gin * Mint Ginger Beer

-Inspired by the Pimm's Cup, England's national cocktail. James Pimm 1840

Saint Jude

Kentucky Bourbon * Vanilla Infused Carpano Antica * House Bitters * Mesquite Smoked

-Our house favorite. Adapted from Aian Marshall's Manhattan. Manhattan Club, NYC 1870
maui bartender cocktail catering wedding bar

Papa Doble

Grapefruit * Maraschino * Puerto Rican Rum * Lime

-Made for Ernest Hemingway by the legendary Constantino Ribalaigua. El Floridita Bar, Cuba 1937
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Rye Whiskey * Cognac * Gomme Syrup * Peycahud's & Angostura Bitters * Lemon Oil * Absinthe Rinse

-The original American Cocktail. Sazerac. Dr. Antione Peychaud, New Orleans 1838
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Colorado Bulldog

Vanilla Cream * Maui Coffee * Vodka * Homemade Cola * Cacao

-The White Russian was the saving grace of the 50's, but it's history is a bit foggy. USA ca. 1950. The Dude Abides.
bar wine champagne wedding maui hawaii

Pistols & Roses

Pistachio * Rye Whiskey * Mint * Rose Water Ice Cube * Powdered Sugar

-A riff on the Mint Julep, the flagship cocktail of the Kentucky Derby. Louisville 1838
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9th Ward

Yuzu * Egg White * Rye Whiskey * Homemade Grenadine * Dehydrated Lemon

-Tip of the hat to the Ward 8 from Locke-Ober Restaurant, which is still open. Boston 1898

Salted Caramel Old Fashioned

Caramel * Orange * Kentucky Bourbon * Hawaiian Sea Salt * Amarena Cherry

-We're a little Old Fashioned, too. James Pepper, Pendents Club. Louisville 1880
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Corpse Reviver No. 2

Lillet Blanc * London Dry Gin * Meyer Lemon * Cointreau * Orange Oil * Absinthe Rinse

-Originally concocted as a hangover remedy. Harry Craddock's recipe from the Savoy Cocktail Book 1930


House Sunomono Shrub * Japanese Whisky * Half Pint of Asahi Rice Beer * Served a la Carte

-If you've ever worked in a restaurant, complacency is a shot and a beer. Cheers!


Coconut Milk * Cacao * Orange Zest * Vanilla

High & Dry

Rose Petal Infused Tea * Lychee * Pistachio * Lemon


Poha Berries * Lime * Homemade Ginger Ale * Cardamom

Prohibition Punch

Caramelized Pineapple * Rosemary * Grapefruit * Charged Water

Meyer Lemonade & Tahitian Limeade

Kula Strawberry * Hayden Mango * Lilikoi * Ginger * Mint

Fresh Pressed Juices

Pineapple * POG * Guava * Grapefruit * Orange

Handcrafted Sodas

Cola * Pineapple * Grapefruit * Papaya * Kula Strawberry * Lilikoi * Hayden Mango

maui bartender wedding cocktail catering

The Perfect Pour Cocktail Co. abides by the cocktail crafting principles of the past. Creativity is embraced, execution is the focus, and our obsession lies in the details. Each cocktail is handcrafted. No shortcuts. No exceptions.

Each event is individually planned, so feel free to give us a good old fashioned phone call to talk about how we can take your next soiree over the top.

Please note that due to Maui Liquor Laws, Perfect Pour Maui can not provide alcohol as part of its service.

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